Ascent Packages

Ascent Marketing offers different packages that are specifically tailored to your needs to create the best social media strategy to match your target goals and objections:

Rainier (for start-ups or small businesses)
The basic-summit Rainier Package is designed for small businesses that have no prior experience with social media. Ascent Marketing gets you started, teaching you the basic concepts of content and social media marketing.  As you learn about the many options available—including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more—we determine the best ones to achieve your goals.  Ascent executes a communications program for your business with a special emphasis on liaising with a core customer group, both current and new, on a regular basis.  We can assist you with initial account setup and creating high-quality content to drive valuable traffic to your website. If you are new to social media marketing, or have only dealt with it on a personal level, this package is an exciting and effective introduction.

Matterhorn (for medium-sized businesses)
This package is ideal for medium-sized businesses that have minimal social media experience. You know it’s time to increase your on-line presence and return, but you don't have the time, expertise or unlimited budget to get there on your own.  Ascent Marketing assumes the load and tackles the challenges for you, creating an effective and powerful social media program. The mid-summit Matterhorn Package includes the basics of the Rainier and, in addition, we optimize your existing accounts, expand your communications, and add relevant media types to attract and generate a large and loyal customer base.  We also have optional SEO and Local Search Optimization to help you get found.

Everest (for larger businesses and/or corporations)
This comprehensive content marketing package is designed for large-scale clients or corporations with an extensive, established social media presence. At this ultimate-summit Everest level, the Ascent team works closely with you to manage and grow your brand on line. Longer-established businesses greatly benefit from having numerous social media accounts with consistent posts, regular social outreach and engagement, SEO, website/blog management and daily promotion. We will manage and keep track of your company’s many social network channels. You will have real time access to what consumers are saying about your brand and we will help you build a social media community as you survey streams from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Mount Carmel (for churches and non-profits)
This package is focused on the needs of churches and non-profit businesses of any size. This comprehensive package includes a full study of your organization providing you with valuable information that can be used both for marketing and fund raising activities.  The Ascent team works on pinpointing the marketing and social media tools that are most compatible with your values and mission. We assist you in your mission by helping you to effectively spread your message to existing and new members, increasing participation and donations. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of your marketing needs are being met by professionals while remaining within your budget. 


Ascent Marketing: At Your Peak

Whatever Summit Package you choose, our goal at Ascent Marketing is to drive your brand and business, to maximize your potential and return.  Once we design and implement your marketing plan, you have a complete, comprehensive and high-impact social media strategy. Your business will flourish as it reaps the rewards of a powerful and effective social media marketing initiative. And Ascent Marketing continues to run your communications program in the background while energizing it with creativity and innovation: You could have a daily or weekly blog, specialized Pinterest page or even your own YouTube channel . . . the possibilities are endless. 

Ascent Marketing has a clear vision and essential mission: By creating your social media marketing initiative from the ground up . . .we guide your business to its peak.