Noelle Butski

Understanding the person behind the business has always been a primary source of inspiration for Noelle Butski.  Her long career working with churches and family-owned retail stores has given her a unique perspective and appreciation for the needs of small businesses and non for profit organizations.  Her background, combined with her education, provides her customers with a personalized experience characterized by solid research, carefully crafted strategy and passionate attention to detail.

After completing her BA in English at DePaul University, Noelle started her career in healthcare administration. Here she was able to nurture her desire to serve others while learning to communicate, organize and strategize in a high-stress, demanding environment.  She then took root in a large consumer packaged goods company where she grew from a sales analyst to a national account manager.  During this period of her career Noelle tackled a wide range of sales and marketing activities including complex sales analytics, trade show coordination, AD creation, account management and strategic development.  She spent ten years of her career in two-step distribution where she was able to help family-owned retail stores grow their business and compete with the larger big box retailers.  It was during this time that Noelle completed her MBA at Roosevelt University, an accomplishment that would lead her down a new and exciting path.

While working on her MBA Noelle was given an opportunity to complete an independent study as part of her course work.  The topic she chose was “Understanding Trends Among Religious Education Parents” where she focused on why parents in a particular church sent their children for religious education but did not participate otherwise in church life.  She used her research to develop a complete marketing strategy that could easily be implemented with limited resources to help increase participation and attendance among those parents.  Her findings were published and delivered at an annual meeting of the Religious Researchers Association in 2009.  Since that time Noelle has continued this work as an independent church consultant allowing her to combine her passion for serving with the sales and marketing skills she has refined over her career.  

In addition to her consulting work, Noelle also works as a freelance technical and business writer.  Noelle is a board member of Turning Point of McHenry County where her marketing skills are used in support of their fundraising efforts.  She is also an active member of the Religious Researchers Association providing book reviews and presenting papers on select topics. 


Suzanne Martinez

For Suzanne Martinez, dynamic communication has been the hallmark of a varied and successful career. Her studies at the University of Illinois set the stage for her decades  of work and development in fashion, sales, marketing and community outreach. This powerful blend of experience has made Suzanne a uniquely talented professional with an extraordinary range of skills--among them, the rare ability to listen and respond to the needs of her associates and customers.

Suzanne's early years in the fashion industry fed her sense of style and design while honing her abilities to work under pressure with high-demand customers. She then transposed this colorful background into a career in marketing at the wholesale level, working within the lawn and garden industry to support and generate sales through catalogue and brochure design, sales program development, trade show and sales meeting coordination, and web site creation. This knowledge and skill set became the basis for her her current career in faith-based community outreach.

Almost ten years ago, Suzanne leveraged marketing expertise with her faith-based aspirations to become the Congregational Outreach Coordinator for a major hospital group. In this role, she continues to use her marketing and media skills to address the health care needs of parishioners in scores of churches within her community. At the same time, Suzanne continues to apply her marketing and business skills to her work with Rotary International, local Chambers of Commerce, and women's business groups. in addition, she currently acts as chairperson for Senior Care Volunteer Network and serves on the boards of directors for the National Alliance for Mental Illness, YMCA Camp Duncan, and Samaritan Counseling. 

Most recently, Suzanne founded Ascent Marketing with Noelle Butski. Suzanne and Noelle's mission at Ascent is to guide their clients in their climb to success by maximizing impact through marketing, communication and social media.