My New Year's Resolution

I love staying on top of the social media market.  What I love even more is having Gen Y connect with Gen X. If you want to stay connected to the future you must engage with the future in a real and meaningful way. Sharing expertise and supporting the business entrepreneurs of the future is both challenging and rewarding.  

This engagement also creates a learning experience for both.  The platform I use for this engagement is marketing.  Marketing is a great catapults you into various arenas of communication that can help form and define who you are and what you want to be....while sharing it with the world!

One of my new years' resolutions was to keep learning and share what I do best. Marketing.  I've learned that in whatever you never go it alone.  Who wants to? So share, engage and get social!

I am starting off the year teaching at a local college while continuing to team up with business owners to grow their social media presence along with my partner through our social media company, Ascent Marketing.  We guide our clients to climb to new heights in sales while incorporating integrated communication across the platforms that are best suited to their business and goals. I love teaming up with businesses especially along side my business partner.

I'm awfully exited at the opportunity to build the ground work for imparting solid marketing practices in a great environment like McHenry County College.  This will help me keep my focus to staying connected with the future, through our youth. 

I plan to engage the students in various principles of marketing. The students will have "real life" projects that will provide a foundation for their first steps in building a solid marketing career, by incorporating strategic thinking for product development, pricing strategy, advertising and sales and ever evolving distribution channels.  

Equally important is helping build a philosophy that is motivated by integrity while helping to instill a desire to build meaningful relationships in an arena that continually slams us with tactics of disconnectedness and superficial experiences. 

I'm looking forward to keeping my new years resolution, knowing I will experience personal growth and meaningful relationships while helping those around me do the same.