Our Very Own, Noelle Butski, is Joining the Faculty of Whitewater This Fall!

Noelle Butski  is joining the faculty of University of Wisconsin, Whitewater as Lecturer in the fall semester of 2017, teaching Sales Management, Marketing Research and Digital Marketing. She is excited to become active with the campus program of AMA (American Marketing Association) and will also serve as one of the coaches for the Whitewater Sales Team, preparing students to perform at regional sales competitions.

Noelle Butski and Suzanne Martinez of Ascent Marketing are your social media mountaineers...guiding businesses to reach new heights in sales and with solid footing in branding through energized visibility.

Marketing - Getting Back to the Basics

Marketing - Getting Back to the Basics

We have read a lot of articles, blogs and posts in our time about “tips for marketing”.  Everything from DIY research to using various free marketing tools.  This is all great information to have and we think business owners, especially those with limited resources, can benefit greatly by reading some of these pieces.  These all tell you how to do things, but they don’t often tell you the what  or the why . . .

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Guerrilla Marketing—Tactics for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit organization needs to increase its exposure or generate funds without breaking the bank, guerrilla marketing tactics can be the way to go. The term “Guerrilla Marketing” was first used in 1984 by business author Jay Conrad Levinson, who defined them as low cost marketing strategies that often incorporate an element of surprise, similar to the tactics used in guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla marketing for nonprofits can actually be easier than for regular businesses because there is usually a compelling or sentimental narrative behind the campaign. Here are several of examples of nonprofit guerrilla marketing that you can use for your own purposes:


Expounding Your Message

The first step is to define and refine your message. Evaluate your original mission statement and make sure that it is still relevant to your bottom line, since you probably created it when you first established the organization. You and our employees should be able to explain what your organization is all about in just a few seconds. If it takes longer, you need to alter your message so that it will be more effective. Then, you’re ready to take your word-of-mouth marketing and multiply it tenfold. 


Creating a Hashtag That Boosts Your Brand

Last year it was calculated that there are roughly 3.2 billion people online. Attempting to tap that massive audience, many businesses use email to promote themselves. But that has become too predictable nowadays. Create your own distinctive hashtag and you’ll generate much more attention. You won’t be spamming anyone’s inbox with dozens of messages they won’t read or care about. The bst thing about this particular method is that it’s short, sweet and to the point. A quick nod on social media will make all the difference, and customers will be grateful you were conscious of their time. 


Using YouTube As an Effective Marketing Tool

In the past decade, video has become a staple worldwide and may soon eclipse the written word as the primary medium of communication. Demand for video is rising rapidly as costs decline, and delivery and consumption are effortless. On average, there are approximately 700 YouTube video links shared on Twitter every minute, and 500 years’ worth of videos watched on YouTube every day! Producing your own, aesthetically pleasing video will take your nonprofit to household name status—especially if your video goes viral. 


Social Media Outreach With Facebook

Creating an online Facebook community gives you an easy, affordable way to educate and connect with board members, donors, prospects and others interested in the work you do. By positing stimulating content multiple times a day, your nonprofit organization can engage stakeholders and donors worldwide. Social media is also a great way to notify the public of upcoming fundraisers and events and to advertise the need for volunteers. Best of all, having an official business page shows that your organization is an expert in its field.

Use your website and marketing collateral to push people towards your Facebook page. Then post messages encouraging followers to “Like” or “Share” and then ask them to ask their friends. With almost a billion people on Facebook, this is a great way to interact with those who would normally be outside of the organization’s sphere of influence. Initiate a thought-provoking conversation about topics related to your nonprofit that makes people want to comment and participate. Don’t forget to post photos, videos, success stories, unconventional testimonials and other interesting information as well. 


As you can see, nonprofits can indeed benefit from guerrilla-marketing techniques to raise money and awareness and to market their brand. Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations follow the fundamental premise that any successful marketing campaign must enroll the prospective revenue source into the vision of the organization. This vision is the heart and soul of everything they do and their marketing efforts reflect this. Since nonprofit organizations are usually volunteer-based and work with limited budgets, their marketing in particular needs to be inexpensive and organic—and must ultimately speak to the heart of the potential donor.